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Ski Club Meeting Monday, December 3rd @ 7:00 in the JP Case Cafe!

The Flemington-Raritan Parks and Recreation Ski Club is in need of a few more participants. The club is now open to 5th … read more

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summer intersession FAQ’s

1. Why is Summer Intersession not at Robert Hunter School?

In order to conduct the Summer Intersession Programs cost-effectively, several factors must be considered. These included registration numbers, the staff needed to accommodate those numbers, and the location of the facility in the Community.

As a result of these variables, the Recreation Committee has decided to offer the summer program at three schools. One at each end of the Township and one in the middle – Desmares, Barley Sheaf, and Copper Hill.

Each of the sites has large registration numbers making the staff to student ratio cost-effective. The decision is made since the facilities can accommodate the number of participants and are in a location that serves a large portion of the Community.

In order to conduct all programs offered by this Committee, we need to rely on registration fees to pay for all expenses. Programming is not funded by budgetary resources provided by the municipalities of Flemington and Raritan Township.

The Recreation Committee has always prided itself as being a very responsibility custodian of taxpayers’ money and will continue to do so while providing quality, safe programs.

2. How can my child become a Junior Counselor?

If your child has completed 6th grade, but is not over 14 years of age, you can download the form from this site. You do not need to call or email the office.

3. If my child is a Junior Counselor in the morning can they attend the afternoon session?

Yes, they may attend the afternoon session, however, you must fill out a registration form, indicate that they are a JC in the a.m. and send in the registration form and fee for the afternoon session. There are no volunteers for the afternoon session.

4. How much is it to attend the a.m. and p.m. session?

To attend both sessions just add the a.m. and p.m. registration fees together and send us one check.

5. Can my child attend just the p.m. session?

Yes, however, please remember that most students attend the a.m. session and the p.m. programs are more day-care oriented.

6. My child is 14 years old and would like to apply for a paying Counselor job, but they have not volunteered previously?

All job offers to 14 year olds are made by Kim Creighton and go to children that have previously volunteered in our program.

7. I have a 16 year old or older child that would like to apply for a paying Counselor job?

Based on Counselors that do not return, we sometimes have a limited number of jobs available. Please forward us a resume at .

8. Can children of different grades be put together?


9. My child misses the cut-off to attend the regular program vs. fun at four by only a few weeks, but is entering kindergarten in the fall, what can I do?

These requests are handled individually. Please email your case to us and we will consider each situation individually.

10. Can my child attend the summer intersession at any school?

Yes, children can attend any school their parents want to send them to for the summer intersession.

11. What happens if I miss the registration dates?

If you miss the mail-in date starting July 6th you may register your child at any of our three sites.

12. We are going on vacation and my child will not attend the camp for the entire time? Is there a discount?

There is no discount. You must pay for the program in its entirety.

13. Is there a fee for dropping my child off at early drop-off?


14. I need the Committee’s tax id and/or a letter confirming attendance at the program.

Our Tax ID is 22-3416435/000. If you need a confirmation of attendance letter, these request must be made in writing to our office.

15. Will I receive a letter of confirmation after signing my child up for the program?

No, consider your child accepted.

16. My child is volunteering as a Junior Counselor and would like to be with a specific counselor or other junior counselor?

Any requests such as these are not honored.

17. At the end of the session last year, my child, who was a Junior Counselor, was told by the site director that they would be offered a Counselor position this year, but they were not. What can I do?

All Counselor job offers are made by Kim Creighton, our Director.