Morales Nature Preserve Community Workday

MORALES NATURE PRESERVE COMMUNITY WORKDAY SATURDAY, Nov 4 9:00-2:00 Come join us for a day in the park to cut back brush … read more

Big Tree Competition 2017

Sponsored by the Raritan Township Environmental Commission Click the link below for all the details! Big Tree Competition Flyer 2017 updated

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Cooking Summer 2017

All cooking classes are filled except for the July 3rd – July 7th week (Grades 5 through 8).

Cooking for Kids 2017 Grades 5-8

We are offering a new class this year. It is called Cooking with a Special Touch.
This program is designed for exceptional students (in the accompaniment of an aide or parent) to
teach kids that learning how to cook can be a fun and useful experience. Our cooking program will focus on how to prepare a variety of quick-fix dishes and desserts. The children will be able to use kitchen appliances and a variety of utensils. They will be taught how to read and understand cooking terminology (measuring, cutting, blending, and serving). Each child will have the opportunity to eat and enjoy what they have cooked. (Cookbook and apron are included!)

The class is going to be held at JP Case from July 17 – July 21 from 1:30-3:30 with Mr. Schuddeboom. Hope you can join us!!

Special Touch