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Ski Club 2017-18

We still have openings for this year’s ski club. If you are interested in participating, registration has been extended until the 13th of November.

Further information can be found by visiting our Ski Club Web Site…

Morales Nature Preserve Community Workday

SATURDAY, Nov 4 9:00-2:00

Come join us for a day in the park to cut back brush and lay chips on the trails.
If you have metal rakes, shovels, clippers bring them. If you have a wheelbarrow, you can bring one. If not, we have tools.
Any age is welcome but children under twelve need to be supervised.
We will have drinks, snacks, and hotdogs for lunch.
The Park is located on the corner of Old Croton Road and Capner Street in Raritan Township

2017 Cross Country Camp

There is still time left to sign up for the summer cross country program being held at JP Case Middle School. There is room available in each week.

Week I August 21 through August 24
Week II August 28 through August 31

Please click the attached link for more information and registration directions!

Looking forward to a fun run in the sun:)

Cross Country Summer Program 2017

Cooking Summer 2017

All cooking classes are filled except for the July 3rd – July 7th week (Grades 5 through 8).

Cooking for Kids 2017 Grades 5-8

We are offering a new class this year. It is called Cooking with a Special Touch.
This program is designed for exceptional students (in the accompaniment of an aide or parent) to
teach kids that learning how to cook can be a fun and useful experience. Our cooking program will focus on how to prepare a variety of quick-fix dishes and desserts. The children will be able to use kitchen appliances and a variety of utensils. They will be taught how to read and understand cooking terminology (measuring, cutting, blending, and serving). Each child will have the opportunity to eat and enjoy what they have cooked. (Cookbook and apron are included!)

The class is going to be held at JP Case from July 17 – July 21 from 1:30-3:30 with Mr. Schuddeboom. Hope you can join us!!

Special Touch



Just maybe your child needs a MENTOR?

Most of the time your child understands their school work ,but needs an explanation and encouragement in completing the necessary steps in order to be successful.

Some students don’t understand the importance of using their planner for their daily assignments or future projects and tests.

Some students must be informed of what is in their control and what exactly is their responsibility in making good choices.

No child sets out to fail , they just don’t know how to be successful.

While working through the student’s academics a mentor will:

● be supportive in encouraging the student to overcome obstacles

● listen first and speak to the concerns of the student

● push….just enough to raise the bar

If a student wants school to be easier, they need to get better at it.

Interested please email Mr. Sal Randazzese @